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Myanmar High Society?

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What Our Founder Says

Creating a significant digital customer experience is in my DNA. Our product teams live and breathe in our clients' concepts. Profession growth of our people is what we care the most and we consistently developing our talents and encouraging them to unleash and exceed their potentials. We are working with clients from Myanmar, USA, Singapore and Japan and developing the world-beating Apps. With the best engineering productivity backed by more than 6+ years of experience in oversea and local markets, Myanmar High Society's agile delivery teams orchestrate next-generation digital solutions that keep our client’s business steps ahead of the competitors.

Cho Zin Wint
Chief Executive Officer at Myanmar High Society Co., Ltd

Our Core Values

We accelerate Client ambitions by giving the right team, at the right time, at a competitive cost and we give exceptional value to our clients.
Our enthusiastic team stay on track with the Cutting-Edge Technology to keep ahead of the game in this ever-changing and competitive technology industry.
We Hire top talents and deliver high quality digitals products on time. We persistently train and retain our people.
It's our people's relentless Professional commitment to our business that has shaped our success.
The Team works independently toward the same goal in unison. We value shared responsibilities and the team is encouraged to exceed their potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Top Three technology company in Myanmar by delivering Global Standard digital products with Local Talents while enabling opportunity and empowering to our people in Myanmar.

Our Mission

To offer our services at a revolutionary price and client to focus more on their business while we help building the right digital team. We are passionate about creating an exceptional client experience with the strength of a global project experiences, Myanmar High Society helps organizations transform ambitious, complex ideas into stability, accountability, and scalability digital products.

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